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South America

South America
ILAF (Iberian and Latin-American Forum): More than five years ago organizations and individuals in Spain and Portugal began working together to promote the use of OGC standards in those countries’ Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) programs. As others became interested, meetings were held, often in conjunction with SDI meetings in the Iberian region. There are longstanding relationships between Spain and Portugal and the countries of Latin America, so when an official OGC forum was chartered in 2010 it was given the name ILAF (Iberian and Latin-American Forum). 
An ILAF member organization, LATINgeo (Laboraties for Technology and Information in Geosciences), translated the OGC Reference Model, and other ILAF members have translated a number of OGC standards. An ILAF mailing list was set up, and it is open to all OGC members and non-members. ILAF maintains an external twiki that provides access to Spanish language documents, coordinates activities, and generally serves to lower the barrier to image procurement in Latin America.
Our goal is to expand this website to provide similar support for data suppliers in South America.


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